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ACHS Member Societies Annual Report 2010-2011

Summary: Membership Trends

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We have felt the effects of the recession. Our chapters are located in areas which were hurt with very high unemployment, consequently many students were unable to pay the annual fee. We see membership improving now. - abg

Registrations jumped about 16 percent in 2010-11. We credit primarily our new online registration system for the increase, which makes it easier for our larger institutions to invite and process members and simpler for students to accept the invitation, register, and pay fees. - ac

New memberships in Alpha Kappa Delta have remained generally constant over the past few years; however, it slightly increased during this past year. - akd

Problem keeping advisors. Inductions are up. - akm

slight increase; third year reached over 30,000 new members - ald

membership has held steady - aps

Membership was down this year. - apm

Inducting more women than men Chapters increasingly using online appliations and internet communications Board increasingly active and mission focused - asn

2010-11 academic year set a record for number of initiates. - bgs

During the last fiscal year, Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society experienced an approximate 4% increase in enrollment possibly due to the persistence of the on-campus advisors and student ambassadors. This consciencious action on their part was endorsed at the national meeting when we noticed there was a decrease this past year. At the national meeting, BKX Advisors and Sponsors decided to push for an increase in membership numbers for the upcoming year. Suggestions included partnering initiation ceremonies with other organizations that had similar objectives as well as soliciting university wide mailing lists of qualified students from the registrar's office. - bkc

We continue to grow in new chapters, reactivation of inactive chapters, sustain record levels in renewal and new memberships in the Society. - csi

Gaining Chapters & Co-Chapters at an increasing rate. The recent ACBSP addition of Webster University and University of Phoenix has greatly contributed directly and to this growth trend. Set up new online system for handling online student bodies. - dmd

Slight increase over past years. - dta

New membership seems to be on an upwards trend. Renewals have remained the same as compared to the past two years (2009 and 2010). - ept

We continue to have strong growth annually. - gtu

Membership rose slightly - kon

Acceptances increased by more than eight per cent, much of it due to a "Two More" campaign initiated during the year. Chapter advisers were encouraged to make an extra effort to get "two more" students to accept the invitation from those who had not responded. Successful advisers used multiple methods to gain additional acceptances, including phone calls, e-mails, contacting advisers of invited students, etc. Although the methods were hardly new, the idea of encouraging advisers to be more pro-active seemed to be effective: most chapters noted higher acceptance levels. - kta

Growing at around a 1-2 % rate. - lpe

This was an "up" year for Lambda Sigma. The chapters on probation had solid years as did our new chapters. - ls

Steady - mb

* With marketing remaining one of the top majors in the country, our applicant pool has grown * We're also seeing more inductees in masters and Ph.D. programs * Our current members are taking greater advantage of the benefits offered to them. * Our current members take great pride in their affiliation by purchasing more than one item of regalia. Instead of just an honor cord or stole, they seem to purchase both. - mkt

We have written the three ROTC commands seeking support for our Society, and are now writing all unit commanders urging the recognition of eligible students and providing flyers for posting. We anticipate a significant increase in membership over the next year as a result. - sab

NSCS member trends are remaining steady over the years, with possible increases as we open new chapters on more campuses. We're also seeing a steady growth in non-traditional student members. - nscs

The rate of new members is declining despite the general trend of increasing student enrollment in chemical engineering that we see nationally. We are seeing some interest in new chapters. - oce

Mostly flat. There was one chapter added in 2010, but the number of chapters has not increased significantly in years, and the total number of new members inducted in the past year has increased only slightly. - or

Cyclical highs and lows, but with overall slow, steady increase. - ode

Membership is declining over the past decade. - ps

Mainly undergraduates joining for the first time. - psi

Our 2010-2011 school year was our second best year ever. Our new member total for the year was up 17% over the preceding year, though the preceding year had been down quite a bit. We had been in a slight downward trend for our new members, but the last year was very good. - pst

Decrease from previous year but not a trend - puo

Membership trends are consistent in that inductions are held mostly during the months of March through June inducting students before they graduate from colleges and universities. There are some inductions that take place in the fall of the year, but most are done in the spring. - paa

Membership up slightly - pgm

Membership trends are declining as business education programs are closed at universities around the United States. - pop

After a falloff in 2008, we feel initiations have come back up to prior numbers. - psa

We are beginning to see more activitiy with existing chapters and new chapters forming. Our lifetime memberhsip category is beginning to grow. - pte

Slight upswing in membership from last year at same time. - pb

increasing international interest - pc

Membership increasing due to addition of new chapters - rc

Increase of approximately 3 per cent over last academic year's total inductees. More online chapters being installed. - sbd

Increased some - slc

Currently stable after a trough. Though a slight upward trend may be discernible. - sps

We continue to grow each year both in chapters and membership. - std

Overall active membership remains steady, retention rates have declined slightly but are making a slow rebound - stt

New inductees have remained constant over the past three years with averaging around 520 per year The number of chapters continue to decline due to schools eliminating engineering technology from the offerings and chapters who have been de activated - tap

Slight increase in number of students initiated compared to last year. - tbp

Trend of alumni members requesting active status continues; digitization of membership records has been completed so we can henceforth track more accurately. - tak

Continuing increases in annual membership totals for the last four years. - upe