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Alpha Beta Gamma

Business Honor Society

Grants and Scholarships

Admitted to ACHS: 1996

Founded in 1970 at Manchester, Connecticut.

No of Active Chapters: 181

Total Membership: 81000

Publications: Honors Journal, Scholarship Directory, Chapter Operating Manual

Grants and Scholarships: Alpha Beta Gamma's scholarship and awards program recognizes and promotes the societys belief in scholarship, leadership and community service. Categories exist for individual members (current and alumni), faculty and chapter advisers, and college administrators in addition to many individual chapter awards.

Recipients are chosen by the Scholarship Committee and are named at the National Leadership Conference each April. Currently, well over $6,000 in scholarships and awards are made annually.

Also available are scholarships to four year colleges. Many four year transfer colleges offer special scholarships reserved for members of Alpha Beta Gamma. Students are encouraged to work with their chapter advisers to apply for these awards.

Please refer to Alpha Beta Gamma's website for details on the various awards and scholarships available to members.

Presentation Awards

The best presentations, both student and faculty, are selected by a vote on the last day of the annual conference.

Keywords: Business

For all other reasons, contact:
Brenda M. Bogren, Executive Coordinator, PO Box 527, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

Tel: (843) 314-0867  Fax: (843) 314-0644

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Updated: 2/23/2020