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Xi Sigma Pi

Forestry and Natural Resources Honor Society

Grants and Scholarships

Admitted to ACHS: 1965

Readmitted: 2017

Founded at University of Washington, 1908

No of Active Chapters: 33

No of Alumni Chapters/Clubs: 11

Number of Regions: 5

Grants and Scholarships: Regional Scholarship Program, 2016-17

Xi Sigma Pi is pleased to announce that up to five scholarships (one per region) will be awarded for 2016-2017. The amount of the scholarship for the highest rated application per region will be $1,000.

Each chapter may nominate one of their members in the Regional Scholarship competition. The Xi Sigma Pi Scholarship Program Guidelines state that:

  1. Criteria for selection shall include a) participation in Xi Sigma Pi activities, b) leadership in community or campus organizations, c) professional activities, d) academic achievement, and e) financial need. The recipient need not satisfy all these criteria to be nominated.
  2. Only junior and senior students who are members of Xi Sigma Pi and who have maintained their academic standing to the time of award are eligible for nomination. Students must be currently enrolled in studies as recognized by their institution, and have been initiated prior to the scholarship nomination deadline for that year (e.g., April 7, 2017 for the current scholarship cycle).
  3. If the Regional Designated|Designated Alternate Chapter receives no nominations or feels that no nomination is deserving of a scholarship, no scholarship will be awarded for that Region.
  4. Each chapter should have a competition or other method of selecting their nominee for the Regional Scholarship Program. In the event that a scholarship recommendation is forwarded from a Designated Regional Chapter to National and that Designated Regional Chapters scholarship application to the Designated Alternate Chapter is also forwarded to National, National will use the criteria listed above to select the most competitive scholarship application from that Region.
  5. Scholarship application format is as follows: 1) A letter from the student addressing their interest in the scholarship, why they qualify (see criteria above for addressing this point), and a biographical sketch (1 page max); 2) a resume/CV of the student applicant (2 pages max); 3) two letters of support, one from their chapter advisor and one from a faculty member in their department or from an employer in their profession (1 page max each); and 4) a copy of the students unofficial transcripts. All materials must be collated into a single PDF document, in the order given here, with the file name as follows (example): Epsilon_Kimsey_2017.pdf

The chapter's nomination must be submitted by April 7, 2017 to the Regional Scholarship Program. Nomination materials should be submitted electronically to the Designated or Designated Alternate Chapter by 5:00pm local time on April 7, 2017.

Upon receipt of chapter nominations by the submission deadline, the Designated and Designated Alternate Chapters will select a Regional Scholarship Recipient from among any deserving applicant(s) by April 21, 2017. Review Chapters will then send those applications to the National Office. Once National has received all applications from the Review Chapters, a final regional scholarship application will be selected for each region. If only one regional scholarship application is forwarded to National, then that application will be the regional scholarship recipient. National will then contact the Designated Chapters who will then contact the Chapters in their Region to let them know a winner has been selected.

The National Office will contact the Chapter advisor for each of the five chapters with Scholarship Recipients to confirm the scholarship award and arrange for publicity information. Checks will be issued on approximately April 28, 2017.

or contact Dr. Mark Kimsey, Jr. by email or at 208-885-7520

Keywords: Xi Sigma Pi, Scholarship, Forestry, Natural, Resources, Natural Resources, Environment

For all other reasons, contact:
Dr. Mark J. Kimsey, Jr., Department of Forestry, Rangeland and Fire Science, University of Idaho, 875 Perimeter Dr. MS1133, Moscow, ID 83844

Tel: 208-885-7520  

Email: [email protected]  

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Updated: 3/16/2017