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Award Presentations - ACHS Annual Council Meeting 2013

A Tribute to Dr. Thomas Petry

Thomas M. Petry was initiated into Chi Epsilon while he was a undergraduate student at the University of Missouri at Rolla (UMR) in Dec 1966.  UMR is the 35th chapter of Chi Epsilon, installed in 1950.  There are currently over 133 chapters across the nation.  He  received his BS from UMR in 1967, his MS from the University of Missouri-Columbia in1968, and his PhD from Oklahoma State University in 1974.  Dr. Petry taught at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) from 1974 to 1995.  He received Chi Epsilon's James M. Robbins "Excellence in Teaching" award in 1988 and served as the UTA chapter's faculty advisor from 1988-1995.

Returning to his alma mater, UMR, in 1995, he became the CE Department chairman.  The UMR chapter elevated Tom to Chapter Honor Member status in 1995 in recognition of someone who "has attained a degree of eminence in the profession, and who exhibited experience and ability worthy of emulation by young civil engineers."  Tom's area of eminence is Geotechnical Engineering.  He is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi, as well as a Life Member of ASCE.  He is a Diplomat of the Academy of Geo-Professionals and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Missouri.

Tom was elected to serve as the Councillor to Chi Epsilon's Central District in 2000.  He was elected to serve as Chi Epsilon's National Secretary Treasurer at Chi Epsilon's Biannual Conclave, held in March 2006 at UMR.  After retiring as Emeritus Professor at UMR in 2007, he relocated to Grandbury, Texas, coincidentally within a 1 hour drive south of UTA, the location of Chi Epsilon's National Office.

I have known Tom for the past 11 years as a fellow member (Pacific District Councillor) of Chi Epsilon's National Council.  Having served as National Marshal, Vice-President, and currently President, I have worked closely with Tom and it has been indeed been a privilege.  I wish him all the best in the future now that he has chosen to retire AGAIN!!!


Randy Akiona
National Chi Epsilon President and FRIEND OF TOM PETRY

Award Presentation — Angelo J. Perna, Omega Chi Epsilon

Omega Chi Epsilon gratefully acknowledges the dedicated service of Angelo J. Perna to the chemical engineering honor society over the past four decades. He has served continuously as faculty advisor to Eta Chapter at the New Jersey Institute of Technology since 1968.
Moreover he has served the national organization for almost 40 years starting with his election as National Vice President in 1974. Angie served for four years in this capacity and followed up as National President over the next four years. He served again as National President from 1992 to 1996.

He has participated in nearly every OXE annual meeting since the seventies and has served as our ACHS Representative since 1974. Angie served as President of ACHS in 1987-89. He has also been an active member of the OXE Executive committee since completing his second term as President in 1996.



Award Presentations - ACHS Annual Council Meeting 2012

Award Presentation — Dennis M. Organ, Alpha Chi

I have known Dr. Dennis Organ as long as I have been serving on the National Council of Alpha Chi, beginning in 1988. At that time Dennis was not Executive Director but rather was Alpha Chi’s editor of publications and did a magnificent job. Dennis was also a member of Alpha Chi as an undergrad before serving later as a chapter sponsor for the Harding University chapter of Alpha Chi. When Dr. Joe Pryor retired from the position of Executive Director, Dennis was chosen by the National Council of Alpha Chi to fill the office of Executive Director beginning in January 1994. He continued working half-time for Harding University’s English department. He is now retiring by his own choice. Otherwise, the Council would have been most pleased for him to continue until "Kingdom Come!" That says something marvelous concerning his commitment to Alpha Chi and to his standard of excellence in serving Alpha Chi as Executive Director.

I have come to know Dennis on a more personal level during the eight years I served as president of the National Council. And what I will say about Dennis from this perspective is much more important than what I emphatically say about his much more than competent, yea, rather excellent performance as Executive Director. I have come to know something of Dennis' heart and character. His heart is first and foremost given to Jesus Christ, then to family, then to people, and then to Alpha Chi. He will be most embarrassed to hear what I am saying, but it is true. True humility is unrecognized as being possessed by those who possess this attribute.

Dennis will be sorely missed by Alpha Chi. Yes, we are in the process of searching for a new Executive Director, and we will surely find an excellent person, but that person will never replace Dennis Organ. He is one of a kind as I know all those associated with ACHS already clearly know.

Clark R. Youngblood, Ph.D.
Member-At-Large, National Council of Alpha Chi
President of National Council of Alpha Chi, 2003-2011

Award Presentation — Thomas J. Sweeney, Chi Sigma Iota

Dr. Tom Sweeney was the founding President and has been the Executive Director of Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International (CSI) since 1985. Founded at Ohio University, CSI continues to grow in number and status. It is the third largest active membership organization within the counseling profession (N = 278 chapters, 80,000 initiated members and 15,000 annual memberships). Its membership includes many of the most prestigious scholars and leaders in the profession.

Contributing over $750,000 to support of its chapters’ services as co-curricular partners in counselor education, visiting teams and the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) credits CSI chapters with helping their counselor education programs to meet national accreditation standards. Leadership development, advocacy, and the promotion of excellence in preparation and practice are values shared with its ACHS partners.

An active supporter of ACHS even before CSI’s admission to membership, Tom served on its board, chaired committees and helped to encourage policies that supported guidelines for chartering new chapters and protection for trademark rights of all societies.

Award Presentation — Pamela Park, Pi Delta Phi

This award expresses profound thanks to Dr. Pamela Park for her service as Executive Director of Pi Delta Phi from 2005-2011. Dr. Park worked very hard to help promote the Society and to streamline many of the day-to-day duties of the office of Executive Director by, for example, introducing the ability for chapter moderators to order new memberships, replacement banners and pins, and other materials online, as well as the option for moderators to use to pay for their orders using a new online database.

The introduction of the database means more accurate records, quicker turn around times for orders, and offers the ability for moderators to view and to update their chapter lists. Prior to her appointment as Executive Director by President Dr. Paul Wood, Dr. Park serviced as the West Vice President from 1997-2005 and is continuing to serve in that role. Some members of ACHS already know that Dr. Beverly J. Evans, Associate Professor of French at the State University of New York at Geneseo, and former Northeast Vice President, is the new Executive Director of Pi Delta Phi, and Dr. Evans officially began that position on Sept. 1.

Award Presentation — Nancy McManus, Pi Sigma Alpha

Nancy McManus is retiring from her position as office administrator for Pi Sigma Alpha, effective August 31, 2012.  

Nancy started working at Pi Sigma Alpha in 1991.   In her twenty-one years of service, Nancy has left an indelible mark on our honor society by overseeing the greatest expansion in the number of chapters, programs, and services in Pi Sigma Alpha’s ninety-one year history.  

Nancy’s many qualities are obvious to all with whom she works.   She is the epitome of professionalism: accepting all responsibilities eagerly, offering sage advice whenever needed, completing each assignment with unfailing competence and thoroughness, and extending respect to all.

Nancy’s administrative talents know no limits.   As the number of Pi Sigma Alpha chapters, programs, and services grew, Nancy added the new workload to her normal routine without missing a beat or losing her smile.   Not only could she successfully juggle dozens of administrative balls simultaneously, but she always made it look easy, as well.  

In addition, Nancy was a constant source of new ideas about operations, programs, and services.   If she wasn’t suggesting something new, she was suggesting ways to do things better.  

I know the Association of College Honor Societies recognized, appreciated, and benefited from Nancy’s considerable talents.  

Nancy will be deeply missed and impossible to replace.   Her skills, qualities, commitment, and enthusiasm transformed an honor society bordering on irrelevancy into a thriving and vibrant organization that is making a difference in over 750 chapters nationwide.

On behalf of everyone associated with Pi Sigma Alpha --- from its student members and faculty advisors to its council members and national officers --- I want to thank Nancy for her dedicated service and invaluable contributions to Pi Sigma Alpha and wish her much happiness as she enters the next stage of her life.

Jim Lengle
National Executive Director
Pi Sigma Alpha