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ACHS Announces Adviser Grant Program

Social Responsibility: The Power of the Association of College Honor Societies to Make a Difference

A Chapter Leadership Project

Award Recipients

The following societies have engaged numerous partners, including other honor societies and student organizations.

Alpha Chi, University of Arkansas at Monticello - Community Service to Drew County Arkansas Museum - This project will enhance, reorganize, and repair exhibits and host a scholarly presentation by noted historians at the Museum. This project will preserve the history of the Mississippi Delta region and will promote the importance of higher education and community service.

Alpha Chi, Evangel University - Livestock for Impoverished in the Heartland - A campus-wide program will feature residence hall teams that compete on education trivia, in recycling, and an intramural tournament to earn points, which translate into donations of livestock to a third-world country. This project raises campus awareness of social responsibility while fostering campus-wide community and spirit.

Alpha Chi, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
- Three mini-summits will be conducted by corporate, educational, and professional leaders to focus on the role of education in social responsibility. Each presenter will discuss ethical behavior and engage students in exploration of case studies to identify acceptable resolutions to real-life problems.

Alpha Chi, Westminster College, Fulton, MO
- Head Start Project - This project will host a few work days to clean-up outdoor playground, perform preventative maintenance on outdoor equipment, clean and sort indoor toys and educational materials, host a campus-wide book and toy drive to replenish resources, and host a Play and Learn event for interested families.

Alpha Kappa Mu, Albany State University - Project Friend: Financial Responsibility, Independence, Empowerment, Networking - This project related to economic security will focus on time management, education about wise use of credit cards, credit score management, identity theft, personal financial budgeting, bank accounts vs. check cashing services (with local banks participating).

Mortarboard, Lenoir-Rhyne University - Education and Environment - "Little Read Project" - This project is a community endeavor to encourage literacy for all ages. Students will volunteer as reading partners for elementary children. "Environmental Project" - This project is intended to increase campus awareness of and participation in the already existing recycling project that has not met its potential.

Kappa Omicron Nu, Meredith College
- Sustainability Movement - This project will support the campus sustainability movement by providing enhanced communication through flyers, electronic messages, and sidewalk chalk notes. Students will become more informed about sustainable issues, practices, and how to participate in "greening" the campus.

Lambda Pi Eta, Wittenburg University, Springfield, OH - Rehabilitation of Snyder Park (a neglected environment) - This project will enhance the relationship of the community and college residents. This effort supports the Center for Civic and Urban Engagement efforts to focus on revitalization through partnership between the campus and community.

Pi Sigma Alpha, Purdue University
- Annual Spring Fest Event - This project focuses on civic literacy and citizenship and provides hands-on activities for children and distribution of Bill of Rights bookmarks and pocket-sized constitutions to adults. Other activities will encourage interaction with congressional representatives.

Pi Theta Epsilon, University of South Alabama - Development of a Constraint Induced Clinic for Adults and Pediatrics. This project will provide students the opportunity to learn how to set up a therapy clinic as well as implement classroom learning by treating actual clients with direct supervision of faculty members. This project benefits the community because it fills a need. (Constraint Induced Therapy is aimed at making improvements in quality and amount of movement of arms and hands in daily living.)

Sigma Delta Pi, Texas Tech University - Promoting Peace and Security through Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration - This project includes 10 different cultural groups and honor societies to conduct a lecture/workshop series. Participants will benefit from understanding each other's culture and reality and learn from the experts in the practice of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.