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Alpha Chi

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Admitted to ACHS: 1955

Founded at a conference of Texas colleges held on the campus of Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, February 22, 1922

No of Active Chapters: 325

Total Membership: 497587

Annual/current Membership: 11000

Number of Regions: 7

Publications: Aletheia: The Alpha Chi Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship, Alpha Chi Proceedings Recorder, Alpha Chi Newsletter

PURPOSE: To encourage sound scholarship and devotion to truth, not only among members but among all students on chapter campuses. Opposed to bigotry, narrowness, and discrimination on any basis other than that of academic achievement or character.

ELIGIBILITY: Alpha Chi is an invitation-only honor society with membership limited to the top ten percent of juniors, seniors, and graduate students at colleges and universities with an active chapter. High scholarship is the primary requisite for membership, but good character may also be a consideration. Alpha Chi is a multidisciplinary honor society.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: The National Council awards two $4,000 Robert W. Sledge Fellowships and ten $3,000 H.Y. Benedict Fellowships for graduate study, two $3,000 Edwin W. Gaston, Jr. Scholarships and ten $2,000 Alfred H. Nolle Scholarships for undergraduate study, and two Joseph E. Pryor Fellowships ($6,000 and $4,000) for graduate students. Our seven regions also award scholarships or fellowships totaling $15,000. In every case, awards are made on an academically competitive basis.

Alpha Chi holds an annual convention each spring at which nearly 300 undergraduates and graduate students may present their work. To help ease the burden of the cost of attendance for members, approximately $70,000 in travel and housing grants are given to chapters attending and participating in the annual national convention. $10,000 in convention presentation prizes are given each year to student members for research and creative work in their academic fields.

An Outstanding Chapter and a Distinguished Alumnus are recognized at each national convention.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Lara Q. Noah, Executive Director, Alpha Chi Natl. Office, 124 W. Capitol Avenue, Ste. 1630, Little Rock, AR 72201

Tel: (800) 477-4225  

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 12/13/2018