Association of College Honor Societies


Chi Epsilon

Civil Engineering

Admitted to ACHS: 1953

Founded at the University of Illinois, May 20, 1922

No of Active Chapters: 130

No of Alumni Chapters/Clubs: 2

Total Membership: 124000

Annual/current Membership: 1800

Number of Regions: 10

Publications: The Transit, Chi Epsilon Newsletter

PURPOSE: To place a mark of distinction on outstanding students, graduates, and members of the civil engineering community for their scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability, Chi Epsilon seeks to foster excellence, connectivity, and engagement among those in the civil engineering community to improve our world.

ELIGIBILITY: Only those students shall be eligible for active membership who have maintained an average grade in scholarship in the upper one-third of the class of those who are eligible for Chi Epsilon honors (namely those students duly registered in the civil engineering courses, or directly associated courses whose curricula have been approved, and who have completed at least one-quarter of the required work for their bachelor's degree--in essence, second semester sophomores, juniors and seniors).

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: It is the duty and function of Chi Epsilon chapters to help weave into the entire civil engineering profession a pattern of idealism and accomplishment. It is the responsibility of each chapter to support the ASCE Student Chapter, adopt service projects, and maintain areas of historic significance to civil engineers. Other chapter activities include offering encouragement to freshmen, maintaining close liaison with the faculty, and assisting the civil engineering department in its work. Each chapter occasionally selects an outstanding civil engineer to be a Chapter Honor Member of Chi Epsilon. National Honor Membership shall be in recognition of outstanding professional accomplishments in the civil engineering community, and preeminent contribution to the mission of Chi Epsilon. National Honor Member nominees can be submitted for candidacy by petition of the nominating chapter, recommendation of the Council, or recommendation by an existing National Honor Member. This is the highest honor which Chi Epsilon can confer. It has been granted 65 times in the 100-year history of the organization.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Dr. Glenn C. Goss, Executive Director, University of Texas at Arlington, Nedderman Hall, RM 218, Arlington, TX 76019-0316

Tel: (866) 554-0553  Fax: (817) 272-3245

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 1/10/2019