Association of College Honor Societies


Delta Tau Alpha


Admitted to ACHS: 1992

Founded at Southwest Missouri State College, now Missouri State University, March 19, 1960.

No of Active Chapters: 31

Total Membership: 15974

Annual/current Membership: 431

Number of Regions: 3

Publications: The Achiever

PURPOSE: To promote and recognize scholarship and leadership accomplishments of agricultural students while emphasizing character development, to enhance undergraduate preparation for professional positions, to join with other agricultural student organizations in the promotion of agriculture.

ELIGIBILITY: Active members must have completed at least nine semester hours, or its equivalent, in agricultural courses; must have completed at least forty five semester hours, or its equivalent, of college courses, rank not lower than the highest thirty-five percent of their class in general scholarship.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Each chapter plans its own activities including scholarships and recognition of academic achievements. An annual national convention is held each spring. During the convention, awards are presented to the best chapter, the outstanding teacher-advisor, and winner of an agricultural knowledge contest.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Dr. Elizabeth L. Walker, National Advisor, Missouri State University, School of Agriculture, 2401 S. Kansas Expressway, Springfield, MO 65807

Tel: (417) 836-5000  Fax: (417) 836-6979

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 7/16/2018