Association of College Honor Societies


Pi Omega Pi

Business Education

Admitted to ACHS: 1965

Founded at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Kirksville, June 13, 1923

No of Active Chapters: 22

Total Membership: 56382

Annual/current Membership: 20

Publications: Here and There, This is Your Society

PURPOSE: To create and encourage interest and promote scholarship in business education. To foster high ethical standards in business and professional life among teachers. To encourage civic responsibility. To create a fellowship among teachers of business subjects. To teach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprise.

ELIGIBILITY: Each candidate must be enrolled in a business teacher education curriculum and must have expressed an intention of becoming a teacher of business subjects. Candidates must possess the following qualifications: Completion of at least three semesters or five quarters of college courses including at least fifteen semester hours or twenty-two quarter hours in business and/or education subjects; Attainment of general scholarship sufficient to place them within the upper thirty-five percent of their college class (sophomore, junior, senior, graduate) and the achievement of an average grade of B or higher, or its equivalent in other grading systems, in all courses in business and/or education.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: The Society publishes a newsletter on the Internet, Here and There, dealing with activities in various chapters four times a year. Each year the National Council selects ten chapters for special recognition; the first place chapter is presented a plaque and has its name inscribed on a traveling trophy; the remaining nine chapters receive certificates signed by the National Council. A national convention is held biennially to conduct Society business. An information brochure, This Is Your Society, is published biennially. Fifty-year chapters receive Golden Awards and sponsors in service five or more years receive Distinguished Service Awards.


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