Association of College Honor Societies


National Society of Scabbard and Blade

Reserve Officer Training Corps

Admitted to ACHS: 2010

Founded in 1905 at University of Wisconsin - Madison

No of Active Chapters: 59

Total Membership: 99017

Annual/current Membership: 412

Publications: Scabbard & Blade Today, A Manual for Leaders, A Brief History & Pedge Manual

PURPOSE: To confer distinction for high academic achievement and leadership potential in military, aerospace and naval science studies; to encourage scholarship, intellectual development, and the pursuit of excellence in military service; to teach leadership; to provide for an exchange of intellectual/professional ideas; to provide networking opportunities for ROTC students. Exceptional military professionals and academicians are recognized through honorary membership. All members are lifetime members.

ELIGIBILITY: Membership is limited to students contracted in the ROTC programs of all military services who rank in the top 20% of their ROTC command order of merit listing and have entered their fifth semester of study. All membership is national membership with local chapter/company affiliation.

MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Most activity happens at the chapter/company level. Chapters/Companies can exist as Honorific chapters/companies that confer distinction through initiation into the society. Academic chapters/companies work in conjunction with the ROTC departments or ROTC unit commanders and offer ancillary joint military education programs such as seminars, lectures, symposia, and field trips for ROTC students. A semi-annual National Convention at which seminars, lectures, cultural activities and elections are conducted is held in the fall semester, usually in October. Local chapters/companies sponsor regional conferences and symposiums in conjunction with the national office. Stipends are offered to official delegates.

OFFICIAL CONTACT: Major General (Retired) Douglas O. Dollar, National Executive Director, 

Tel: (405) 372-6158  Fax: (405) 377-2237

Email: [email protected]  

Updated: 2/12/2012